Month of May Spring Lake Beach Portrait Special

Spring Lake Photographer

Rob Wilson is a Spring Lake Photographer specializing in family and children portraits. Whether it’s at the beach, by the lake, an arboretum or even at your home we will create a family heirloom for you that you will cherish forever. The photographers at Rob Wilson Photography have always stood by their authenticity and dedication to the field.   Our clients come to us seeking out a photographer who can capture the beauty of their family.  They are mostly interested in the value of a quality family portrait that they can display in their home for years to come. Our goal is to create something special for you. 

Spring Lake Beach Portraits

Spring Lake Photographer

Portraits away from the Beach

Spring Lake Portrait Photographer

Extended Family Portraits

One of the things that we feel separate us other portrait photographers is our ability to photograph large groups. Many photographers have a lot of examples of one and two children and few have examples of large groups. If you are planning on have a family portrait taken of four people or more then make sure the photographer has a lot of examples of what you are  planning on having created.  

Family Portraits away from the Beach

There are a lot of beautiful places to take portraits in Spring Lake besides the beach. Many people opt to have portraits by the lake or even in our outside of their  home. The fall foliage makes it the perfect time to have portrait taken at the lake. The colors are amazing when the leaves start to change colors. Many of our clients head over to Deep Cut Gardens to have their family portraits taken. There are a lot of beautiful spots for timeless portraits. 

Prior to the session we will get a feel for what works best for your family portrait. From there we will come up with a place and time so you have a family portrait that you will admire forever. 

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