Family Portraits in Spring Lake

Welcome to our blog. This blog will be about Family Portraits in Spring Lake and the surrounding areas. Perhaps even some photos from Family Portraits in Spring Lakearound town everyone once in awhile. Rob Wilson has been a family portrait photographer for over twenty years. He photographs families on the beaches all over the Jersey Shore and at arboretums such as Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown. Our goal for each portrait session is for you to smile every time you look at your family photographs. Whether it’s a portrait of one child or an extended family of thirty plus people, we will make sure that we create something special for you. 

We aren’t only about the Beach

Many of our clients choose not to have their portraits taken on the beach. Some like to take advantage of the fall foliage or spring flowers. Furthermore, many like to try something a little different from time to time. If this is the case for you, together, we will come up with a plan for you. Often, on very windy days our clients opt to have their family portraits taken at the lake or in their yard. It’s not unusual for it to be very windy at the beach but not so windy in other parts of Spring Lake. 

One hour before sunset is usually the best time to have your family portrait taken at the beach. However, if you have very young kids this could be already past their bed time. Especially in late June most of July where the start time is 7:30 pm. Which might then make more sense to take your portraits at an arboretum or at the lake so we can start much earlier. There aren’t any trees at the beach. As a result, there isn’t a way to  pose our families in the shade like we can other places. 

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