Spring Lake Communion Portraits

Spring Lake Communion Portraits

Our photographers are the go to Spring Lake Communion Portraits photographers. Communion portraits mark a special moment in your child’s life. You and your child are proud of all they have accomplished, and first communion portraits become their own family heirloom.  Their special dress or suit, veil or rosary, all should be recorded with a great portrait. 

Hiring a professional photographer is an investment in not only the present, but the future, as these photographs will be treasured and reflected upon for years to come.  Communion portraits are often displayed as artwork, shared in albums or proudly displayed throughout the home and office, adding this beautiful memory to your everyday life. 

Communion portraits life truly do tell a story.  Years from now you can look back and remember these times through your photographs.  Professional portrait photography is an art form, capturing the moment as well as the emotions of the subjects. 

When do you take the communion portraits?

There are limited amount of time the day of communion day. However, if you book this early than you’ll have a better chance of getting an appointment. Many clients chose to have the communion portraits taken a week or two before. This allows for a less stressful communion day. Often, we are able to capture more variety with some both outside, inside your home, and some with a studio portrait look.

Besides communion portraits this is also a great way to have some family portraits taken with both the extended and immediate family.

The Party

We can also photograph the party if you are having one after the church. This is a great way to capture the whole day. This is a great way to have an album created which will make for a beautiful family heirloom.

We hope that you like our work and we would love to work with you. 

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